garden notes 2017 Rotorua district -north

Rotorua district -north

e1-ad_stewart-14nov11-13_55_55Rhodohill Nursery is always worth a visit for rhododendron lovers. Mature specimens overhang pathways that meander past interesting and unusual plants. Underplantings showcase a wide range of perennials and shrubs, many of which are for sale in the nursery. The yellow laburnum walk also makes a striking feature.


e2-ap_jensen-14nov11-14_42_14The main feature is the 1.4 km hedge
maze which has a perimeter planting of
mixed shrubs and roses. A small animal
garden with rabbits, chooks and doves has
raised garden beds where the feed plants
are grown. Outdoor games and puzzles
complete the family friendly entertainment.


e3-sg_coppard-14nov14-08_52_39Five years ago the owner transplanted her
garden treasures to her new property. With her husbands help there are many plans to make this new garden into an interesting and delightful place to enjoy outdoor living.



agapanthus-koru-designThis magnificent large rural garden has an
impressive layout of rose features, specimen trees, hedges and borders. Park in the paddock and walk up the hill to enjoy the garden and stunning country views.



f2-rpethybridge-imgp0176This is a working farm with lovely gardens
surround the house. The views are
outstanding – looking right over the Lake across to Tarawera Mountain. This propery includes a paddock and ponds with landscaped plantings and will be used in the future as a wedding convention venue.


f3-cr_findon-14nov14-11_00_03An immaculate garden full of interest & colour from the entrance down to Lake Rotorua. The box hedges have been lovingly cared for to make garden rooms.




f4-r_ogle-imgp0185This large property has real challenges including a steep gully. Plantings are under way and in time there will be a wonderful arboretum.
Design and care of the garden and small
orchard have been the focus for the
landscaping owners.



f5-rbarrowThe garden has been developed with great
imagination and cuttings from friends. Fish ponds are an integral part of the cottage style.
The best of both the garden and the lake is enjoyed by the owners, as they are just a short walk from their garden haven to the lake-edge.



f8bJust metres from the lake, this garden is
a restful environment. Regardless of the
season, the garden brings joy and an
abundance of texture and hues from it’s
shrubs, flowers and vegetables.





f8-hi_wilsonWalk up through trees to discover a series of garden rooms full of a profusion of flowers, roses, perennials, trees, shrubs and a pond.
A garden full of interest and fun features.



f7-dt_henderson-p1010759Featured in Garden Tours: A Visitor’s Guide
to 50 Top New Zealand Gardens. This is
a unique garden set to inspire. Streams,
ponds and paths winds through areas of
bush, conifers and exotics. Great views
out to White Island in the North and the
Kaimanawas in the South.



f9-pshaw-img_0021This large rural garden has a huge variety
of plants and mass plantings underneath
large trees. The 50 metre perennial garden
and the luxurious vegetable garden, glass
and shade houses are features along with
the sounds of trickling water from the man-made ponds and a waterfall.


g1-d_birdThis is a real cottage garden flush with
roses, colour and pots that change with
the seasons. The back garden has raised
vegetable boxes, berries, grapes, potatoes
and fruit trees which keep the owner self-sufficient.



g2-pc_ellisA large well-structured garden of many
shades of green with rooms created by
hedges. Plenty of shrubs, bulk planting and a rose garden circle. A lovely magnolia
walkway and the highlight is the huge
walled vegetable garden.


g3-ab_robinson-14nov14-14_38_17This garden and nursery have been going
for 25 years. Bill is an expert plantsman.
Walk slowly up the stream to enjoy the
maples, azaleas, cornus, rhododendrons
and hostas. Find the field of irises and
myriad of unusual trees and plants hidden
within the garden.


g4-tnathan-14nov14-15_24_41The owner is establishing an extensive sculpture garden. His sculptures are laid out on undulating contours. There is a sculpture studio and showroom.




h1-jg_blackburnA superb small garden twists and turns
through rooms of very clever planting
with many secrets and surprises, full of
cycads, palms, hostas and rhoddendrons
in abundance.




h2-hj_sholl-14nov14-15_58_00The owners of this lovely garden have an amazing collection of plants, many grown from seed. Look for unusual bulbs and perennials tucked into the garden beds.




h3-ap_painterA rambling suburban garden, terraced with mixed borders of perennials and shrubs, old roses and vegetable potagers. Descends gently towards a gully with mixed exotic and indigenous trees. An old-fashioned working garden.



h4-ji_synman-imgp0150Well established woodland-style garden,
with mature specimen trees.
Enjoy the rambling paths, rose arbour,
pond, aviary and native bush area.
Over 20 varieties of maples and many
special plants. Beautiful!



h5-ds_phillips-imgp0163The house is built on a hill and has a
wonderful view. A huge rockery to the front and an ‘English Country Garden’ style to the side. The back garden is flat area with veggies, fruit-trees and flowers. A lovely property.



h6-fplanye-img_5056A tree lined drive leads to an elegant
English garden setting. Manicured lawns fit
for a wedding, a formal walled garden with
yellow, white and red roses, brick walls and
lovely perennial gardens.