garden notes 2017 central city

Central City


A townhouse where you will find not just a
garden but a sanctuary – a world of flowers, pergolas of roses and wisteria and peace.

It is abundant in variety and colour and an example of how clever design can create a tranquil garden in a very small space.



The owners’ vision has taken a neglected
garden and returned it to its 1946 design of fruit trees, vegie patch and beautiful flowers, and ubiquitous garden shed. This plan also reflects the current growth of gardening for food, enjoyment and improving properties.
Wonderful beginnings for the garden to
flourish in the future.


a3-sn_yockneyAnother town house using the space quite
differently. The street view is a mass of annuals and perennials framing a manicured lawn.
At the back are the edibles, fruit and citrus
trees, berries, vegetables, herbs and flowers all sitting easily side-by-side.    Life-sized bronze by George Andrews waiting at the door.


a5-hjwells-lawnUsing the best of the old trees and shrubs
each section of the garden has been
thoughtfully planted. A wide variety of
rare and unusual plants to achieve perfect
harmony in the middle of the city.




img_0130Glenholme’s 1.5 acre garden surrounds
an Historic Places Trust registered villa and features 100 year old oak trees, a variety of maples, camellias, rhododendrons, hostas and an organic vegetable garden.
Landscaping features include a grass tennis court and a Japanese influenced rock swimming/spa pool area.


b1-cjroper-imgp0129A beautiful garden with a small stream
running through the property. Roses
and dove cotes; vegetable garden and
greenhouse add to this peaceful paradise.
Parking is on reserve.




b2-jr_thompsonAn intriguing small garden with many
charming mosaics created by the owners,
interesting quirky features and a rill with
small waterfalls leading down to a pond.
Plenty of roses and vegetables too.




b3-jj_mackenzieA small, very manicured and colorfully
planted garden, beautiful in detail, lots of
interest, a water feature and a wide variety
of plants.  Watch out for cats.





b4-m_b-leanThe sloping garden drifts down the hill
but it is well worth the effort.
There are many twists and turns and around every corner is a new fantasy. The garden of a potter, with artistic flair.




c1-pm_brown-imgp0141A lovely well-kept garden, with not only
flowers, but veggies, soft fruits, fruit trees
and a small train track through part of the
garden – very well laid out.





c2-jp_livingston-img2879A passion for gardening is evident. Go
down the driveway to a semi-formal front
garden. Roses abound for the enthusiast.
The sweeping back garden blends trees,
seating areas and cool garden nooks to





c3-jg_bracken-imgp0122A retired florist’s garden lots of texture and colour. Geoff is busy planting an Arboretum on the reserve at the back; which is accessed by the garden gate.

A great place for a picnic.




c4-jr_rogers-imgp0112A small well-maintained garden enhanced
with pots and vegetable patch.

It also has a museum which is full of yesteryear memorabilia.




d1-chandlerA garden of rooms. Don’t stop at the front
gate. There is quite a surprise around
the back. A lovely water feature, a big
vegetable garden fruit trees, grapes and
hens, with plenty of colour in perennials
and shrubs.




20170717_102526With views overlooking Lake Rotorua,
this tiered sub-tropical garden has
approximately 350 palms, numerous
cycads, agaves, birds of paradise, hibiscus,
dragon trees and hostas.