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Rotorua Festival of Gardens has been holding garden festivals in Rotorua since 1992. This is a biennial event where local gardeners lovingly tend their gardens in the previous months so that they can proudly show them to Festival goers.

For both beginners and experienced gardeners, you will find gardens and ideas to inspire you and suit your budget. Some are large gardens developed and maintained with professional help, while others show what can be achieved by dedicated and enthusiastic owners with entirely their own efforts.


While some of the gardens are very large, others demonstrate the wonderful things that can be achieved on small urban properties.

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To promote the Rotorua District as an attractive area to live and visit;

To organise and promote festivals of gardens to encourage people to become more garden conscious;

To promote and conduct events associated with gardens;

To raise funds to cover the costs of the festival. To donate surplus funds to a local charity determined by the Gardeners at the Rotorua Festival of Gardens AGM.

Our Vision​​

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