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Downsizing to Town

Hello, I am Carol.

As a result of a freak accident, I found myself widowed at the age of 64yrs.

Once I surfaced from the mind-numbing grief, I decided to retire a year early and make the most of life. I felt it was the right time to prepare our lovely lakeside home and garden for sale. I would look for a smaller property in town which I could manage on my own, both now and into the future. This became a full time job in itself, made harder by the emotional roller coaster I was on at the time.

20 months ago I found a property with a small, old, sad house. It had been empty for some time. The property was 3 blocks from town and relatively flat. When I saw it, I just knew it was the place I needed. I would build an easy care house with an edible easy care garden.

Follow this blog as I track my journey, plan my garden and wait for a new townhouse to be built.

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