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Its been a while - establishing my garden is just weeks away. Or is it?

My garden is designed, as you can see. This is "thinking stage two". Four more versions were needed to refine my plan. My plants have been purchased. They are in grow bags, all ready to lift and pop into a hole. Miraculously, I have kept them alive, watered and fed all summer, so that I had a virtual jungle in a small area at the back of my tiny flat. My edible landscape awaits. And do I. Its been nearly a year since DMC builders arrived on site. We have had delays from COVID lockdown and now from COVID-created supply line chaos. My garden and I should have been well settled in there 3 months ago. But alas we are not. Both my garden and I are hopeful that we will be there in the next 4 weeks. But I have said those very same words too often to believe them any more! I will be posting pics of the site over the next couple of weeks, so that you get the back story.

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